Hi! My name is Lydia, I am a (freelance) 3D character animator with 10 years professional experience in feature film, animated series and commercials.
What I love most about animation is bringing characters to life through emotion and acting, so that the audience can really connect to the characters on screen. If you’d like to know more and see which shows I’ve worked on, please check out the section below.

I also teach animation workshops at elementary schools focused on getting children familiar with different forms of stop motion, or creating their own thaumatrope.

In addition to all things animation, I also love drawing. You can find some of my drawings under the “drawings” tab, or on my socials.

I’m always open to discussing animation (teaching, general talks, or freelance opportunities), as well as pencil portrait commissions.
Feel to contact me via the contact form or via email at lydiamikkers@gmail.com

character animation

Currently I’m working on the upcoming animated movie Miss Moxy at Capybara Animation. Later this year Benjamin Bat, the animated feature I’ve worked on last year, will show in cinemas.
Below you can see some other series and features I’ve worked on as animator and some as a layout artist as well. If you’d like to see some of the shots, go to the animation tab or check out my reel (older).
Please shoot me a message to get the password and link for the latest one.